In this section of our website, we hope to answer many of the travel related questions you may have.  Going to West Point is fairly straightforward, if you have a little preparation prior to going.  We will divide this page into two categories:  Parent Travel and Cadet Travel.  This page will cover the basics, but it is strongly recommended to participate in the West Point Mom’s Facebook Page (sorry Dads), as it is a great resource for travel tips (and many other things).



Restaurants around WP

Identification Requirements to Enter West Point

Parent WP ID Application

Hiking Trails near West Point



Traveling to Airports from WP 2017

Points to Remember
-Your Cadet needs to allow at least 3.5 hours from the time of last duty on Post to departure time, depending on travel method to the airport and which airport they are traveling from.
-When returning to post, your Cadet needs to be mindful of the time for Recall Formation.  It is best to allow a buffer of a couple of hours, to account for delays.-When returning to Post, your Cadet should plan to arrive on the day they are expected to be back.  The Barracks are typically not open for early arrivals.-When you travel to West Point to visit your Cadet, be aware that their schedules are full and they must adhere to the rules laid out by their Chain of Command.  Always try to be flexible and understanding of the various responsibilities your Cadet has.